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Gematria of Nothing

vel Liber Maat

"Nothing is the secret key to this law"


A =13
B =12
C =11
D = 10
E = 9
F = 8
G = 7

H = 6
I = 5
J = 4
K = 3
L = 2
M = 1
N = 0

O = -1
P = -2
Q = -3
R = -4
S = -5
T = -6
U = -7

V = -8
W = -9
X = -10
Y = -11
Z = -12

East = 11
West = -11
will = 0
cosmos = 0
atu = 0
synchronicity = 0
crystal = 0
isis = 0
six hundred and sixty six = 0
six thousand six hundred and sixty six = 0

Now you can create your own kaballah using these numbers.Build your own tree of correspondences. No Hebrew will be necessery for the "chosen ones".

A-12>Z-12 sounds neat (the total value of alphabet equals Zero)but it gives no correspondences anywhere near the beauty of the A=13 Z=-12 system.

For example with the system (A=13 Z=-13):

Om = -1
Will = -1
Six hundred and sixty six = 12
Maat = 20

There are no decent correspondences. I have found no "decent" correspondences whatsoever in any system.. Including English to hebrew, english to greek, A=1 Z= 26, Linda Falarios system etc.

Anyway I figured if people were not only going to ignnore it but fuck it up out of total ignorance, I'd just use it myself for gematria, divination, ease of creating numerical sigils and digital enchantments, ease of translating large texts into small numbers with the "code" software I designed and for illumination, pathworkings, triangulation of pre exsisting numerical egregores etc.

Not that it matters particulary, but as far as I know I was the first person on earth to create a gematria using negtive numbers. I make no claim to the maatian atu (other than it was my idea).

The Gemaatria of Nothing produces decent correspondences for me and a few others.


ix hundred and sixty six = 0

so does:
six thousand six hundred and sixty six! (thousand = 10 six = -10)
seven hundred and seventy seven = 45<
forty five = 0

One hundred and fifty six (hebrew for Babalon) = 49 (7x7 is the number of letters in her name squared and is the second most common number for Babalon)

forty nine = 0

I think we've got Bab's and the Beast conjoined here. go figure...

maat = 21 (1+13+13-6=21)
vulture = -21 (-8+-7+2+-6+-7+-4+9=-21)

the vulture is a symbol of maat or maut

aeon= 21
kia (also symbolized by spare as a vulture + 21)

the numbers between -21(vulture) and 21 (maat, kia, aeon) represent the "hallways of maat"

Upon dying the egyptian initiate would enter the halls of Maat. Maat was often seen to take the form of the balance itself. On each side of Maat sat 21 judges of the dead referred to in heiroglyphic texts as the "Maati Goddesses". The an Ostrich feather was placed upon the scale (therefore the feather associated with ancient pictures of Maat) and the dead person would have their "negative confessions" weighed against the feather. If the weight of the negative confessions was more than the feather you were sent into the underworld.

The numbers between 21 and -21 represent the hallways of maat. (the 42 judges in the hallways of maat) (this I learned from a Wallace Budge translation on Egyptian Neter) Here the vulture form of maat feasts upon the the carrion left over from the annhillation of duality. This annhillation takes place as a result of _embracing_ opposites while simultaneously destroying their dualistic aspects.

For Example:

east = 11
west = -11
east + west = 0

Now you see it. Now you see it as nothing.

"unite by thine art so that all dissappear"

zero = -8
one = 8
two = -16
sixteen = 2
four = -4
thirty two = -32

These "laws" explain the major fomulaes of magick such as:

zero + one = 0
one =8
zero + zero = 2 (-8 + -8 = -16 or two)

The gematria of nothing displays incredible symmetry and balance. Although it is asymmetrical, it is obviously some kind of strange attractor, in its ability to reveal uncanny and extraordinary symbolism and symmetry.

There is no reason on earth why one should equal 8 or that Zero should equal -8 or that two should equal -16 etc.

This symmetry is not displayed in the letters/words representing the numbers as:

the letters o_n_e_ are not symmetrically related to z_e_r_o_.

yet one = 8
and zero = -8

I suspect that the maatian atu displays annilinear mathamatical equations in a linear fashion.

As times change, new cognitive maps become available.

The gematria of nothing is one of those maps.

Dont expect anyone who knows hebrew to show an interest in this.

They will never give up their lame ideas that took them so long to learn and that they have all their self esteem tied into.

That's the only reason that this method is unknown. I have offered it freely to folks from OTO, IOT, AX, Tyhonian OTO, Nema, etc. Actually there were some folks in the OTO and the TOTO who showed an interest but I lost interest in disseminating it, as the progress was so slow.

I "discovered" the maatian atu after years of contemplating why words like cosmos or will, om or hum didnt equal zero. now they do...( a tree without roots is a dead tree)

daath (the eleventh sephiroth on the hebrew tree) represents the ingress into the tunnels of set or the shell worlds of the qlippoth. Maat, identical to Daath, represents an infintesimal break in the continuity of human consciousness. Through the "sacred geometry" of the maatian atu we now may rediscover the "sacred alignments" which allow ingress directly to both halfs of the tree.

The Qabalah of Maat = 93
(ninety three = 11)




"these numbers are gods"


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